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Large audio software directory. Choose programs that you like: CD Players, MIDI Editors, MP3 Encoders, Decoders, Players and more...
One of biggest software directories on the net. You may join the free e-mail newsletter that will notify about new and updated releases, rate the programs as you like and of course, download more than several thousands of items
A small site that stores the great programs to create music, to dump audio CD to wav files and more...

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Debyssy on MIDI

Each image represents a link to a MIDI file stored in a ZIP archive . Each MIDI file contain the only the information your soundcard 'renders' into sound. Therefore, unless you own a wavetable soundcard, you should try playing MIDI music using a software synthesizer, such as WinGroove or Yamaha S-YXG50 - it makes a big difference in sound fidelity. If you don't have a Winzip or pkzip you may download it at

Files marked with {開 are particularly good
Files marked with {+} are the most recent.

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