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Claude Debussy's dedicated page


Welcome! These page is dedicated to Claude-Achille Debussy (1862-1918), a french composer who was the founder and the most important representative of the Impressionist movement in music. His composing style had served as inspiration for many later composers, and its influence survived to this day. The most important characteristic of Debussy's music is its visual power - images and scenes hidden within the music, never conveyed directly, but always colored by the artist's imagination.


Detailed information on Debussy's life and music in general
Digital representations of various pieces of music (67 files, stored in a zip format)
Biographies and Rememberances about Debussy and his music
The list of audio records, created in our days
Bitonality, Church Modes, Extended Tertian Chords etc
Claude Debyssy's style summary
Pictures somehow connected to the composer's life and music
A complete listing of the artist's compositions with additional data

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